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Jul 9, 2018

MOJO to have sustainable change. Most of us have been in a cycle of starting without finishing. We end up with very little positive change. The reason: we have it backwards. We say things like this, "If only I HAD this (money, time, spouse, job) then I would DO this, and I would BE this (happy, good, in shape...)." When we see something we want to have, we do actions to get there, but we lose steam along the way. 

Instead, let's reverse the thinking. I AM, or I WILL BE this kind of person. This kind of person does these kinds of things. These kinds of actions get those kinds of results.

BE-it starts with a decision of who you ARE and who you WILL BE. 

DO-what would that person do? Do those things. Period.

HAVE-what results will this person have? If you don't focus on this one, but the previous two, the HAVE will HAPPEN.